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Stereo Memory Wire/Speakers


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I installed a new stereo in my TR6 last night. When it says to hook the memory wire (yellow wire) directly to the battery - do you physically hook it directly to the battery? Or can I splice it into a wire that always has power - like the wire to the headlight switch? Besides the wire to the headlight switch - what's another wire nearby that is always hot?

Also, where do most of you put rear speakers? I thought about either (1) building some small boxes to mount behind the seats on the rear paneling or (2) mounting them behind the paneling behind the seats (adjacent to the fuel tank). My problem with option #2 is I don't really care to cut holes in the rear paneling to actually hear the speakers.

I guess another option would be to just mount all four speakers in front - two in the kidney panels and two in the kick panels.

Mickey Richaud

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Re: Stereo Memory Wire

Any wire that remains "hot" should be fine, though you may want to put an inline fuse in, just for safety's sake.



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Re: Stereo Memory Wire

Hook it to any convenient purple wire - they are hot all the time and they are fused.


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I second the question about speaker placement. Have people had any luck with speakers in the back of these TR4/250/6 cars. I am toying with the idea of installing a radio/CD player, but wonder if the volume has to be so high in order to hear that the whole thing is not worth the effort. What have you folks found about this.


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In my TR6 I have a Pioneer 200watt cd/tuner , which is normal these days. I made kidney pads for Sony 5 1/4" speakers up front and made boxes for Sony 6 1/2" speakers on the rear shelf. The surprising part tho is the sound from the front speakers just gets lost with the top down. The rears are where the real sound is. I didn't feel that there was decent space behind the rear panel for speakers and they'de have to mount so low you lose that storage space or block the speakers. Even the unzipped rear window blocks them. So I made 1/4" hot glued masonite boxes lined them with contact cemented felt rug padding, a 1" pvc bass tube again hot glued, and contact cemented black rug on outside, and quick disconnect plugs. They're movable, removable, look and sound great.

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