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Steering rack oil


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B/E Workshop manual says to replenish steering rack with hypoid gear oil every 12K miles.
How is this done?
Looks like a grease fitting on the rack, but how do you add oil through a grease fitting?



Remove plunger from gun. Pour in 90wt, keep upright and pump. Grease gun pumps hypoid gear oil just fine. Others have used John Deere corn head grease. Its a thin grease but I personally preferr whats recommended.



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Thanks Charlie,
Where can I buy the Corn Head Grease? Tractor Supply?

I've heard that the lack of flow is the problem with grease, since the lubricant needs to get to the rack and both inner ball joints. Grease injected through the zerk won't flow out to all of these areas.

Does the Corn Head Grease flow?

Perhaps a mix of oil and grease would be a good balance of "flow" and "stick"



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It is difficult to describe how it works, but there is a video where you can judge its consistency for yourself: <span style="text-decoration: underline">Cornhead grease video.</span>

It should be available from any John Deere dealer. I never saw it at TSC but that doesn't mean they don't have it. It is known as generically as #00 grease. Google that term, lots of companies make it. Shoot in Tulsa you oughta be able to get any grease you want. I see Amazon has it: <span style="text-decoration: underline">Super Lube 00 grease</span>.

You just shoot a little into the zerk and turn your steering wheel to the left until it locks, then to the right until it locks, etc. Should get in there. If you are worried about your inner ball joints you could just pull off the boots and grease 'em. I personally feel that it will stay where you put it better than filling the boots up with oil.

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