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Stars and their cars... neat link



Country flag
sunbeammadd said: Nice pics. Some of the spelling is a bit dodgy though!

[/ QUOTE ]

You mean like the "Astin" Martin and the "Fasel" Vega? among others... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif


Jedi Warrior
"Aosome" pictures.
Definately a neat link.


Great Pumpkin
Neat (but ditto on the spelling).
Garner's Mini, the Jag 120 and 150, the Cobra, various RRs and so forth...all nice.
I saw a FIAT Jolly (just like the one pictured) at the Jersey shore last Summer.
I didn't quite look at all of them (dial up), but I didn't see any of the current famous folks that are car enthusiasts (Letterman, Leno, Newman, Redford, etc..not even Colin Powell and his collection of old Volvos).


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Cool Link. I love Gable's Duesy. I also liked Dempsey's McFarlan. As a side note I used to live just a few miles up ythe road from Dempsey's hometown in Colorado. They have a little museum in the one room log house he lived in as a boy in Manassa.
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