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Spridget Triple Master Setup


Jedi Knight
Well My Xmas presents arrived and I snuck them out early. (minus one master cylinder that is wrapped up under my sister in laws tree.) Two will work for fitting it though. Heres what I got. Alot of work to get those pedals to line up even with the stock accelerator pedal height. Question though. Can I cut (shorten) the master cylinder push rod by like 3/4". This would allow me to set the pedal faces even with the acc. pedal.





Still have to add the sheet metal, and weld everyuthing in place...


Jedi Warrior
You can shorten the pushrods but what you want is at the clevis that screws onto the rod, to describe an arc the same distance front-center-rear on the clevis pin or close to the same distance. In other words you dont want goofy angles on the rods.

Leave enough threads that go thru the pedal arm up top but not so long as so they dont jam up on the back of the pedal arm.

Dont use that o.e. brake blok.

if you have drum rears use a 10# RPV valve in the rear line just out of the master. disc rear no RPV.

Is that ignition coil oil filled ??


Jedi Knight
Got the RPV 10# jes came today.

The OE brake block you describe. Do you meen the splitter with the waring sensor. (Bad to keep this?)

Yes that is a crane oil. filled coil came with the ignition I had.


Jedi Knight
Getting closer. Made the mounting points. Decided to bolt it in rather than weld in and boxed in the masters. Need to make a aluminum cover plate for the pedal assy's and Im good to go. Hopefully Ill get it painted tomorrow.




Jedi Knight
I have gotten it all installed. No leaks. Cross youre fingers!!! Took it out for a quick ride. Pedal is not as positive as Id like but I can lock the front wheels with a bit of effort. Did a shoddy bleeding job. But I was in a bit of a rush. Tommorws another day. Im sure I have to give it some more rear bias, I really gotta re-wire and move this coil outta the way so it makes my life quicker getting in and out of the adjustment box.


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