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Spitfire Spitfire gas cap question


Senior Member
This gas cap was (is) on my '64 Elan which according to everything I've read is incorrect, and should be the same as a Sunbeam Alpine or Tiger from that era. Can anyone here verify that this is from a '63-'64 era Spitfire?


Senior Member
Could be also to a Tr3 or a Mk1 GT6
But it's probably a Spitfires


Great Pumpkin
Country flag
Well you can't have that.
They must laugh you out of the Lotus Club.
To save your humility and your man hood,...
I'll take the car off your hands


Jedi Trainee
not only is the gas cap wrong, but the steering wheel is on the wrong side...
someone really took advantage of you when they sold you this car.
like Don, I am offering to take it off your hands... :wink: :wink:


Great Pumpkin
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I fixed the steering Wheel problem so It's mine


Jedi Knight
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But now all the gauges are counter-rotating so I guess I'll claim it. I'm used to doing things backwards and messed up.


Darth Vader
It does look like the gas cap on the TR4/TR4A which is the same as the one on the Spitfire Mk1-3 (613506).



Senior Member
Thanks for setting me straight and for getting the steering on the correct side! :thankyousign: No Lotus person would be that accomodating. Not sure if I paid anyone a compliment or not.

If someone really needs or wants the gas cap all they have to do is get me one off of an Alpine or Tiger. On the Sunbeam area I was told it's available from one of their suppliers. I kinda like it on the Elan though, it might even look better than the Sunbeam one and is probably lighter. You now how obsessed us Lotus owners are about weight. :crazyeyes: As with most Briish cars there's alot of sharing of parts out there.

Thanks for letting me hang out, you guys are so great i might have to buy a Triumph as well.


Great Pumpkin
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64Elan said:
you guys are so great i might have to buy a Triumph as well.

NnnoooOOOoooooOO!!!!!! :JESTER:
I posted alternatives in th' other thread, BTW. :wink:

Norton bikes had a ~locking~ version, I've one on the +2.
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