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Wanted Spats - XK Series?


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Although I am a Triumph nut, I picked up these spats while purchasing a bundle of triumph parts. I believe they are for the XK series. Am I correct?

What would these be valued at if I would offer them for sale? Thanks, Nick



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If you look at the inner support edge near the top, you'll see a number stamped there. It's the car number these were made for. Each pair was made for 1 specific car. Looking at the bottom corners, I believe only 1 corner had a pin and the other had a notch for the pin on the fender. It's a common fix, as they fell off the cars rounding hard corners from year one.



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Thank you Phil. I will check for the stamped number. This info is vey helpful. Unfortunately the spats are located at my lake cottage, so will check in the spring. Do you think these are for the XK-120 thru 150 series?

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Most of the spats are for the 120's,much fewer for the 140, and rare on the 150's. Most XK's came here to the states and everyone wanted wire wheels (no spats used with w/w). My 120 with spats is elsewhere, so in a week or 2 i'll check if mine look like yours. The long rod on yours is incorrect, but then a lot of changes were made over the years by owners to keep the spats from flying off. It's possible your's are not Jag, as other British cars of the time had very similar covers.

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