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TR2/3/3A Spark Plug Recommendation for a TR3:


Howdy Folks,

I`m going to use "NGK" Spark Plugs in my Stock `57TR3 Engine. Which of these two would you suggest (If you`ve used / tried either one or both)?

My TR will be driven easly on back country roads only!!

"BP5HS or BP6HS"?

Thanx, Russ


Senior Member

For main street sat nite show-off :NGK BP7HS or better the iridium equivalent.
For exactly similar performance without the bling: Champion L87Y.

The little secret on ignition: get your dizzy innards and coil from Martin Jay, the distributor doctor. Real magician, nice guy, correct prices. rebuils 'em too.
The big secret : NO electronics.

Ask the man who just passed the 40 years mark at at the wheel.


Jedi Knight
It was many many years, but I went to a local auto parts place (way before the big box stores) and they dug out whatever Champion plug Triumph originally recommended (do not recall the plug number). The counter guy was amazed they had them in stock. But my TR3 ran better on those than anything else.

Andrew Mace

Staff member
Country flag
Another vote here for Champion (L-87Y) plugs here. I've played with a number of brands over the years, yet I always ended up back with the Champions. In recent years and just for fun, I've even played with NOS plugs from KLG and Lodge...and then went back to Champions in the Herald. Oddly enough, the only other brand I was ever happy with -- this in my GT6+ -- was AC!


Jedi Warrior
BP6HS was the correct heat range NGK plug for leaded fuel, but slightly hotter BP5HS plugs run cleaner with less carbon build-up on unleaded fuels. I've now had about ten years good experience with the BP5HS plugs in a standard TR engine, save for a tubular exhaust.



"BP5HS" will be the ones.

Thanx Folks for the Input.



Jedi Trainee
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BP5HS you say? That explains why my BP6's get carbon build-up. Thanks! Jim


Darth Vader
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Yah! Me too. I've been running the BP6's and getting dry black carbon buildup on my TR3 plugs. Going to switch to BP5HS and see what happens.
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