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spark plug for a 9:1 ratio 1500 midget?


Jedi Warrior
I have rebuilt my 1500 midget with 9:1 compression ratio.
Should I use something different than the standard stock spark plugs?

I am also running a pertronix electronic ignition and weber dgv 32/36 carb if that makes any other difference.


IMO no. No reason to with a street car and probably not even if you raced it.

I'll put it to you this way, we run stock plugs in the 11:1 M3 enduro car that sees high load for up to 12 hrs straight.


Freshman Member
I agree - Stock plug is sufficient
Yes, and 9.0 to 1 will not effect that, you can always go up to the next higher number, the higher the number, the colder the plug with NGK, but the BP6ES should be perfect for that engine.
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