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Source for gas cap


Senior Member
Okay this is not for my Sunbeam, but for my '64 Elan. It has the wrong gas cap on it, and should have the same cap as available on Alpines and Tigers from '64 through '67. I haven't found a source for these. Does anyone have any contacts for locating a new or used one, other than eBay?

Bob Claffie

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Listed in a recent VB Sunbeam catalog. Part # 9-2066 @ $80.00 Bob


Great Pumpkin
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Psst!!!! Have you ever seen a Norton Commando 750 bike tank? It even has a built-in lock.

There ~IS~ a Lotus forum 'round these parts, too...

...jus' sayin' :jester:


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No lock, so I lied. Shoot me. 1969 Norton, more in that Lotus forum mentioned previously.


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