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Skim coat of bondo?


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I've been grinding and scraping. Two coats of BRG, and lots of bondo. The passenger front fender had a 'skim coat' about an inch thick in places. And I know that a TR3 restoration is like a box of chocolates, I should have guessed I'd find something weird. Two holes were patched (without removing the original green paint or red primer under it) with some matting and several shades and layers of bondo. I'm guessing these holes were for one of those long whip antennas that a CB radio might use. Who knows?

The front drivers side had one of those long landscaping nails welded lower inside to support the lower rear of the fender. And over an inch of bondo covering the rust hole.

I had no idea how much time this would consume, but I'm inching forward. At times I felt like I was whittling a fender out of bondo, eventually finding the metal, expecting rust holes and always surprised with what I found. I finally understand why you've got to take the panels down to bare metal before you know what you've got.


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The nail is a VERY nice touch. I am always amazed at the creativity of some of these PO patches! Be sure to send a pic of the repair panels...I'm curious how they look.

Good luck...



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No kidding - you' think it would be less time consuming to just fix it right...

I found '70s shag carpet as my fuel tank mounting pad.


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Been going through the same thing with my fenders as well. Alot of thick bondo on mine and some rusty bit on the bottom.



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M_Pied_Lourd said:

Been going through the same thing with my fenders as well. Alot of thick bondo on mine and some rusty bit on the bottom.

Me too. The only thing I would add is to look closely at the issues above the bottom rust. The repair panel will replace all of the lower stuff (12 inches) but if the top is badly warped it's tough to get everything fair, particularly after the bottom repair is welderd on.
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