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Single Weber Redline carb for stock Midget 1275


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Has anyone actually installed a single Weber carb kit on a stock 1275 and liked it?

Drivewire has a Redline Weber kit for only $339.00


If it made the motor Idle and run well, it might be a cost effective option rather than replacing my H2 carbs. I've heard many say 1275s don't run well with Webers. Any thoughts? Would I lose bottom end performance or some other negative side effect by switching to a single carb?


Usual problem is a bog and sputter under acceleration. Least thats what I've seen. Not a great idle either. A friend just showed up last night with a MGB he just purchased that was running a weber down draft and though they work better on a B there was no comparison with correct SU's. Why not try to get a set of hs2's off of E-bay?



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I had the Weber DGV on my 1275, hated it. Massive off idle flat spot, poor power, absolute garbage. I put on a Weber 40DCOE and was amazed how much more power I had. The DCOE is a bit rough running at idle, and after proper jetting, produces good power. If you want smooth running and something you don't have to mess with, send in your SU's to get rebuilt.


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Webers are good carbs but they do have to be set up properly for the engine. Otherwise you get the kind of problems described. I have owned several Fiats with DGVs and they worked great there. I don't believe they will ever out perform dual HS2s on a 1275. The DCOE is a whole other animal though. They are almost infinitely configurable and great performers when set up right. Getting there can be expensive and time consuming though. They also cost a lot more up front than DGVs too.


I owned a midget with the downdraft weber that ran like a scalded cat but when I got it it came with a coffee can full of weber parts. Former owner had fooled around with it to the point it ran great. Only problem was fuel mileage just a little over 20 MPG. Just bought it to resell so I never did anything more with it.



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Not to hijack this thread, but who is the recommended person(s) for SU carb rebuilding? The car I am restoring had a DGV on it, but my parts car has the SU carbs... I would rather use the SU's..

And, a positive note for the DGV, I had one on my 1835cc motor for my old VW and it was pretty awesome! Mileage was very poor though...


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Hap here on the board, Acmespeedshop.com


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Wow, this is what I love about these forums. Thanks for the replies! Those HS2s are looking better all the time. They're rebuild-able so thanks for confirming. I won't be wasting my time running down a dead end. Do the HS2s need a fuel pressure regulator if I run an aftermarket fuel pump in place of the stock electric SUs?


Great Pumpkin
Yes, you will probably need a fuel pressure regulator unless you have a very low pressure pump (over 6 psi will unseat your float needle valves in an SU).

There is a low pressure Facet pump designed for VWs that would probably be OK without a regulator. You can see one HERE.

Otherwise, I'd suggest you use a regulator Like This (set to about 2 to 4 psi).

By the way, my MGB came with a Weber DGV when I bought it. It runs fine, but I hate the way the Weber looks. I bought a set of SUs for the B a while back, and will probably install them when our driving season is over.
(then I won't be ashamed to leave the bonnet open at car shows :laugh: )

This year, I build a "Red Rat Spridget" out of a spare '73 tub. The car has an ancient 948 engine and all my extra, unwanted, "worst" parts (noisy spare gearbox, twisted fender, bashed radiator, etc).
Along the way, I had collected a manifold and DGV for a 1275. Since the DGV fits my definition of a "crap part", I figured it would be perfect for this rat Midget (I didn't want to waste a nice set of SUs on this project).
What's really funny is that this Midget runs really great. It's slow (no surprise), but the DGV and all the other "garbage" parts seem to work nicely together. :shocked:

More about it HERE

George Zeck

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Hi Timmy -

I have a 1275 and a Weber 32/36 DGV (single). I love it. In my opinion, it comes down to what you are comfortable with regarding adjustments (& rebuilding if you are sticking with the SU's).

The circle of friends I have are very familiar with the Weber and it runs great. On a winding curve -- I can get enough acceleration to fish tail. It's very peppy and it's the 2nd best upgrade I've ever done to the car (#1 gas pedal to the firewall for more legroom).

Everyone on this forum swears on the SU's. I'm just not a fan. If you feel you are able to properly adjust those things (& rebuild properly) - then stick with the SU's. Many American Muscle car owners are very familiar with the Weber's and adjustment shouldn't be an issue. The SU's always have been more black magic to me. Everyone says how easy they are -- I just didn't experience it. I have numerous friends who are familiar with the Weber (& I have not adjusted anything in 3+ years -- take that SU's !).

I did have to place a heat shield over the fuel line for I had a vapor lock issue when I first installed it.

Secondly, I'm sure the 40DCE's perform better. Their are two of them and are bigger. For me -- it came down to simplicity (single being easier than dual) and age (new for the same money as a rebuild).

PM me if you have more Q's or would like a pic or two.

Good Luck -



Senior Member
I am a firm believer in the SU HS2 carburetor.I have found that if you take care of them they are the carburetor to use.
Most issues with these carbs is related to the throttle shafts and throttle discs. I have had problems in the past and I replace spindles and discs-removing the poppet valve discs and go with the earlier plain discs with excellent results. No airpump and I trashed the air rail and plugged the holes with pipe plugs. This car is easy to start and runs great-The SU HS2's look right on this engine and function perfectly.

As far as the fuel pump I use a SU pump and tone it down with a fuel pressure regulator from Holley (pn 12-804) to 2.6 lbs of line pressure and have no fuel system issues at all.
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