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Sill and Floor pan replacement


Great Pumpkin
In our area, body work like that would be about $65 / hour. Depending on the car, it might take 4 to 7 hours of labor. Your area might have a bit lower labor rates. If you provide the material, they may "up" the rate somwhat (since they usually generate a profit on material too).
I'm guessing, but this is based on information from two friends who work in body shops.


Here in southern Michigan, that will set you back between $1000.00 and $1500.00, depending on how much other work needs to be done to fit the replacement panels. Airknocker is right, the shops do generate revenue on the parts they sell, but most places around here would rather have the customer supply the sheet metal on the stuff we drive, as we probably can source it better than they are able to. There's a shop near me that does STRICTLY British! Way cool!

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XLY 245G

Senior Member
Does anyone know what the going labour charge would be for a sill and floor pan replacement on an MGBGT. I'm looking for a rough estimate assuming no other sheet metal is required (I know thats unlikely, but it a start!)


XLY 245G

Senior Member
Thanks for the responses, I had figured about $500 + parts per side providing all surrounding panels are solid. seems like I'm in the wrong business!
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