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sheet metal thickness


Senior Member
On my way to buy some sheet metal to fabricate and repair the usual rusted suspects: rear spring mount points at the bulkheads, inner fender at the rocker, lower door pillar post. Measured ~0.035 ~0.040 or what appears to be 20 gage everywhere but its hard to get a good measurement; not very flat, not very clean. Wondering what gage thickness folks are using to patch in rotted out panels.


Obi Wan
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I have used 20 on the '67 with success. Don't know that it is right but seemed right.


Jedi Warrior
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20 g worked fine on my B/E



Senior Member
Thanks, bought 20 gage this am for the bulk of it and a small quantity of 16 gage to re-inforce the spring mounts / bulk heads. That 16 gage will be a bear to work.
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