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Shake down tour


After a 5 year ground up restoration of our 74 Midget and a couple short runs around our neighborhood, a total of 3.5 miles we took it on a 115 mile tour yesterday. Had a lot of fun and the car ran great. The oil pressure was steady at 62 to 63 psi and the temp was very steady at about 1/3 from cold to N. There were 2 issues; the brakes did not release all the time and I think that is due to the adjustment of the brake light switch, the other is that the throttle would sometimes hang up and was slow to back off between shifts. However it did idle very nice at about 1,000 rpm.

I am going to work on sorting those things and hope to take it on another tour this coming Saturday.

Here are a couple pics. We were the only British car in the group.

IMG_7476.jpg IMG_7473.jpg


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The "Double S" railroad underpasses were the early highway designers' attempts to mitigate the hazards of at-grade rail crossings. Unfortunately, the solution ended up being equally deadly. There was a big push for these underpasses after an accident in 1934 or '35 where a B&O locomotive struck a school bus, killing 16 students.


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Congrats on the drive, got to feel good after all that work!


Thanks guys, I think the carb problem is sorted. The oil in the dashpots was just to thick for the cold weather we have been having. cleaned them out and used some much thinner oil and they seem fine. I also backed off the brake-light switch and that seems to be fine. Although I do need to adjust the rear brakes now.


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Wow, that interior looks great. Very sharp.


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Really like what I see. Great job.
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