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Series 2 E-Type won't rev.


Have a '70 Series 2 E-Type which I am still sorting. It runs great..correct timing etc.and pulls strongly up to about 3500 revs.then starts to feel tight and "surge"..at 4000 revs it runs out of everything as though it had a governor fitted (it hasn't!!). Anyone any ideas where to start?? Bouncing points? Wonky Distributor shaft? Bad cap. Or are we talking some serious engine rebuilding? Thanks for any info. I'm a first-time E-Type owner but had a 140 in the sixties! Cheers. David /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/england.gif /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/england.gif dlamb43@adelphia.net


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I am no expert, but it could be a fuel flow problem. Fuel pump or blockage. Are the floats at the correct level in the float chambers?
If the surging is accompanied by a miss ( i.e. one cylinder not firing) it could be a high tention lead breaking down.
Good luck, Ross.


Great Pumpkin
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You might try pulling the air filter off and see what happens then.--FWIW___Keoke


Thanks fellas for the input. Will check compression as soon as I get a chance...but it's DRIVING weather...grab it while you can up here! Carbs were rebuilt just before I bought the car, but that probably means zilch! High tension lead breaking down ?? Now that's an attractive possibility so will replace it or all.(But only at 35000 plus????)Air filter all clear and doesn't seem to be running lean. Thanks all. Will keep you posted on progress. Cheers. David


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Replace that 10cent condenser next to the points and see if that fixes it.
Your description exactly matches a problem I had on my mini about 30 years ago.

John S Farrington

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If you are still running points, I would recommend that you switch to a solid state ignition. I use the XJ6 ignition in my E type but a Pertronic is also very good. This upgrade and replacement of the ignition wire set, spark plugs and distributor cap should geet rid of your problem.
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