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Separate pitman arm from center tie rod


Jedi Hopeful
What tool do I use to separate the drop arm from the silent block fulcrim pin? The tie rod pullers that I have are too long and can' t be placed due to interference with lower control arm. I am attempting to remove steering box.


Darth Vader
I use a pickle fork, but The Randall and others probably use some more elegant tool.


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
My experience with a pickle fork was that it tore the silentbloc in half rather than loosening the taper joint. That might be OK, since you are probably going to replace it anyway. But I now use a tool like this


Some have reported that it wouldn't fit on their cars, but it works for me. In fact, I've used it to separate that exact joint twice in the past year, once to replace the silentblocs on the TR3 and once to disassemble the wrecked TR3A.

Note that the curved part of the jaw is what should press against the end of the stud. Using the pointed tip may result in breaking the tool. If the stud isn't long enough to contact the jaw, insert something as a spacer.

I was actually going to take a picture of it removing a rear shock link from the shock arm yesterday, but the joint literally fell apart while I was looking for the camera! I'll try again in the next few days.


Jedi Hopeful
I have just purchased tie rod end tool similar to one depicted, but have not been able to use it due to insufficient room because of the lower contol arm. I have jacked up the car to provide more room, but still lacked sufficient space. I also separated the tool by removing the piviot and found that the tapered part could not be wedged sufficiently between the pitman arm and the silent block pin.
The tie rod tool is manufactured by Tool Aid and the model is TA 61900.

Am I doing something wrong?


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
It did take some pounding to get the tapered portion in between the center link & the Pitman arm.

Can't help with the other problem, except to note that turning the steering wheel will move that joint left and right. Sorry I don't recall the details, just not dramatic enough I guess.

Couldn't be that old-timers disease, Oh no, not me!
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