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Rough budget +/- for 1275 cylinder head overhaul?


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Hi guys - I know this will vary by location, fullness of the moon, ambient humidity and levels of caffeine in your system etc... , but what should I budget for a 1275 cylinder head overhaul?


Great Pumpkin
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Ask Hap!


I would say somewhere in the area of $300-$2000. Give or take a few bucks.

Can you give us some more details?


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Morris said:
I would say somewhere in the area of $300-$2000. Give or take a few bucks.

LOL Morris.

So here is the deal - I'm trying to budget for "smart" things to do before the 1275 goes into the Bugeye. You guys were very helpful with ideas and suggestions on seals and clutch and related items that are easier to do with the engine out already.

That go me thinking about a quick, if there is such a thing, refresh of the head. Her compression is actually decent and consistent, but who can resist tinkering...

I've also seen some rebuild heads for sale for around $300, which seems cheap for combination of a new head and the rebuilding that has been done on it.


Jedi Trainee
Boil, Magnaflux and shot blast, $75.
New Manganese valve guides, valve springs and valve seals, $120
Grinding and polishing supplies, $25
Hours spent reading David Vissard's book and performing the work, 25-30
Results, $Priceless!
This is in the Metro Phoenix area.
Don't forget to put hardend exhaust seats in the head, if you forego this, you'll wish you had did it later, budget about 100 bucks for this alone.

John Moore

Luke Skywalker
Around her a valve job for a 4 cyc goes for $125. Hardened seats are an extra $80-100.
FWIW, I d that kind of work, even though I am ways from you, and in your neck of the woods, my good friend David Anton at APT could take care of you as well.


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Thanks Hap - definitely want to support our community. I'm still itching to get the rims on her that I bought from you!
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