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Rotisserie question


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On a BE I am wondering that if I peel off the floor pans (they are Swiss cheese in some places) and leave the doors off does this thing have enough structural integrity to not collapse under it's own weight? It's east to put the doors back on if they help, but they limit access a little. I have new floor pans to MIG weld on after removing the old ones.

Joe Schlosser

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With the doors on, I recommend that you add temporary tubing between the rear hump and the front foot well. I used 1 inch square tube.
The floor stiffener between the spring brace and the front cross member probably need sto be replaced. so adding some extra support to keep everything in line is a good idea. Also if replacing the front cross piece between the footwell and seat area make sure you take a measurement before cutting it out.


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Where exactly is this, I don't follow: ...floor stiffener between the spring brace and the front cross member..

Is that the horizontal piece running back to the rear springs?


Joe Schlosser

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Just what you show in the pic. Front cross member on the left. Floor stiffener runs between the front cross member and the rear spring assembly.
This piece transmits the load form the rear spring to the front crossmember.
Tours looks pretty good. The problem seems to be the outer floor area and the sill. Unless you are ripping up the entire flood try to save the cross member and the floor stiffener. I had to replace everything from the rear bulkhead (and parts of that) all the way to the front foot well.
Good luck


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Definitely add some bracing. My Bugeye lived on the rotisserie for a year or so while I was replacing floor pans, sills, etc and didn’t twist or bend. I left the doors on for the majority of the time with painters tape covering all of the shut lines to give me an indication if something moved.
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