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Wedge Road America ....


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A first sound check:



Jedi Knight
Chris, it was very nice meeting you last weekend at Road America.
Can't wait for you to post some of your in car footage.


Great Pumpkin
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Chris ventures to the "States"
Should have been there


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At first...you US guys are the same as fast than the EU guys. No difference at all.

- rules on the track are different (flag signals, speed in the pit lane, what to do after a spin)
- more respect with car-to-car contact. I appreciate that.
- All Americans left the track when the rain came in. That was surprising when me was the only one on the track for the whole session.


Jedi Trainee

Sorry our whole crew couldn't make it. Would have been nice to meet you.

The Road America event was a 'low key' vintage event. There was a MUCH larger one farther east at Watkins Glen, which attracts the fast cars and really cool cars. There are about 3-4 events like the Watkins Glen event in the country every year. The VSCDA Road America event is a typical 'regular' vintage meeting. Vintage racing is currently fragmented in the US and there are multiple events scheduled on the same dates, so car turnouts tend to be less than they would otherwise.

For reference, the fastest 4cyl cars (MGBs, TR4s, Spitfires, 356s) turn times in the 2:45-2:43 range at Road America. Pat Ryan who was racing a Trans Am Camaro that weekend turns 2:43s in this car: https://britishracecar.com/PatRyan-Triumph-Spitfire.htm .

The tires used in vintage racing in the US aren't real conducive to rain racing, which means buying a different set (plus wheels). Most racers just don't bother with the expense as it doesn't rain too often, at least compared to parts of Western Europe. Road America does seem to be an exception though, as many of the SCCA racers can attest to.

Glad you enjoyed your time here.


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Well....I drove with slicks in the rain.
I think that the others could had some fun too with their threaded tires.

My best time in that car was 2:35 and with more practice and maybe a little setup change (softer adjusted front sway bar) the car might gain another 3-5 seconds.

But it was fun anyway and it was a really worth event to be. I'm happy that my first visit of the USA turned out so nice and enjoyable.


Darth Vader
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Impressive what you did to some of those US V8's. I snuck up there for a few hours Saturday in spite of obligations that prohibited a planned weekend. Walking around the paddock is worth the price of admission. You guys go fast, I will have to be content racing myself on empty county roads.
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