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Replacement frame engine mounts for a 100-6


Senior Member
Talking with the owner of a 100-6 that I am considering he mentioned that the engine frame mounts had been cut off to put in a V8 before he got the car . Can these mounts be purchased ? or would the mounts have to be fabricated ?


Yep, pretty much all the metalwork is repro'd now. AH272R and AH272L are the part numbers from Kilmartin in Australia.

Also sold through various other sources.

Look very closely around the engine and suspension mounts, degreaser it well if dirty as there will be cracks in the main chassis rail around the suspension and engine mounts. Mine is cracked and has bodgy repairs so I am replacing the entire chassis as the cost to renovate the original is the same as to replace it and the replacement ones have a few subtle improvements strengthwise.



Jedi Warrior
You may want to consider having Martin Jansen at Jule Enterprises https://www.jule-enterprises.com/index.html
Fabricate a new chassis and superstructure for you. for $8000 you have a good starting point.
rich...also starting a 100/6 restoration of my own.


Jedi Trainee
The Kilmartin chassis frame will assure you are maintaining an excellent "as original" and exact duplicate except it has heavied up wall section and other features they've come up with to further strengthen the structure (not visible from the outside) for similar costs.


nother point with the Kilmartin chassis is you can get any body repair sections sent with the chassis for no extra freight cost as the freight is calculated on the size of the box not the weight. their website is rather lacking on details of what they produce but they make all the usual repair panels and sections.

I'm hoping to visit their factory in early December as I'm attending a motorsport event nearby.

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