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TR6 Repair or replace TR6 fuel level sender unit


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Hi folks.

Making progress on the new TR6, and it is time to reassemble the fuel tank. The existing fuel sender unit has old fuel in the float, and I'm wonder what ya'all think about trying to drain and fix the existing float or replacing the whole unit.

At $50+/- a new unit won't break the bank, but I've heard they aren't very accurate. On the flip side - I don't know if the existing one works.

What do you think?

Geo Hahn

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Yes, measure the resistance. Wish I could recall what is supposed to be (it's 0-70 ohms on the TR3 but probably something else when a voltage stabilized system is in use).

Should be pretty easy to repair unless if it is just a small hole. A pot of boiling water can be useful for forcing out the fuel inside & finding the hole (just don't use a gas stove).
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