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Redline versus 20w50 for trans on BN6


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Hey all,
Know I've seen posts on this subject before but cannot locate.
What's the opinion on using redline transmission oil versus
the 20w50 as I am using in the engine ? Working great with
the 20w50 but will be changing it out soon so thought I
would see what most recommend.
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Detergent oils (20w50)are good for an engine cause the hold junk in suspension which will be trapped in the oil filter. You do not want the junk in the gear box floating. It should drop and be caught in the filter/magnet on the large brass plate at the bottom of the gear box. Redline is non-detergent. Very slick stuff. Smooth shifting. Only problem is that it leaks out regardless what you do to seal it. I used to use 30 wt non-detergent in my XK-140 and MGB but I cannot find it easily any more. You can get case prices on the Redline that brings it down to half the price for a Qt.
All that said, many here use 20w50 and are very happy.
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Instead of using an engine oi use Redline's MTL gear oil. I have non-OD transmissions (Toyota)in both my Helaeys and it works much better than 320-50.

CAVEAT--AFAIK it is okay for OD transmissions but perhaps you will want to check this out with a lister who has actually used it in one.


Great Pumpkin
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However, if you want a nondetergent type engine oil I would suggest Valvoline Racing oil at 50 WT.----Fwiw--Keoke
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It doesn't leak out of either of mine but then again they are Japanese, not British boxes....

I also use Redline MTL in the boxes of the Elvas, both of which have MGA close-ratio gearboxes--shifting both up and down is far superior than with Castrol. These boxes, being British do leak some but it is no worse with Redline versus Castrol.


Great Pumpkin
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I also use Redline MTL in the boxes of the Elvas, both of These boxes, being British do leak some but it is no worse with Redline.

That was what I was tryin to tell him about those British boxes Michael.---Keoke- :devilgrin:
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Tahoe Healey's statement seems to imply that Redline is "slicker" and leaks more than Castrol or whatever. That has not been my experience eitheR with the Toyota boes in the Healeys or the MGA close-ratio box in the Elva Courier. The MK IV is new to me and I have not had a chance to change the oil and experiment with Castrol vs. Redline as I did on the Courier, nor do I plan to--it will get a steady diet of MTL as do all the others. But my strong belief based on having run both Castrol and MTL in the Courier is that the Redline is definitely superior and allows faster and more positive shifts both up and down with less crunches and notchiness.

Legal Bill

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I'm using GM friction modified in mine. I hope it works.
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