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Redline Auto Trans Oil


Senior Member
I have a 93 XJS, with 85K miles, and want to know if anyone has changed to Redline Auto Trans Oil. Has anyone changed their rearend oil to Redline? I'm also thinking of changing my engine oil to Redline, which is very expensive.
Another Question: I have a tan convertable top and read in the OM that after cleaning a waterprofing should be applied. Has anyone used CampDry spray for this? What would be good to use?
Thanking you in advance for your input.


Senior Member
I changed my oil and used RedLine 10-40 @ $10/qt. The car takes 9 Qts, the 93XJS has 87K miles on it and the oil should last 2 years or 15K miles. I will let everyone know how I think the oil performs after a year or 8K miles. I don't drive the car in the winter Nov-Mar. I'm going to change my rearend lube to RedLine in a couple of days.
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