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MGB rear disc brakes for an MGB



The MGA "Twin Cam" was offered with four wheel disc brakes. Would the rear disc brakes work on an MGB? Could they be adapted in some way to work? Has anyone tried this? Anyone have any suggestions. I was just thinking about improving the brakes on my 1973 MGB and something from MG would be a plus to me.

tony barnhill

Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
don't know about the MGA brakes but I did it on ym V8 car & am doing it on my V6 car...easy to do everything except park brake...that took a bit of work...my web site explains everything along with Advance Auto parts numbers

....let us know about the MGA idea!


Luke Skywalker
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Jim, go with Tony on this. I was going to try this years ago and found out things are not as simple as it looks. There are (if I can remember) 92 different parts compared to the stock MGA just on the rear set up. Wayne


From what I understand, the MGA disc brakes are not nearly as efficient as the B discs. Plus the calipers are nearly impossible to find should you need a replacement. There are adaptor kits to fit B calipers on A front discs but not sure about the rear. Keep us posted on your project!


I went to Tony's web page and printed all the information on how he put disc brakes on the rear of his MGB. I will research this further and let everyone know how it goes. thanks for all the input!
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