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Ready for the 4500 mile trip.


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My parts came today. Stud plates from Australia, as no one else could source them. (When Colin was able to ship as a letter instead of as a package, he let me know, and refunded half the shipping cost! What a guy! Parts, Service, Honesty).

Also on the porch was a shipment from Jeff at Advanced Distributors. New dizzy cap with brass throughput and red rotors. I had the new plugs waiting, already gapped to .030 (I've got a Crane ignition so it can handle it). When I pulled the old plugs, #1 was nice and tan, #2 slightly darker, #4 matched #2 and #3 was black. I've had a slight misfire when the car was cold that went away as it warmed up. Guess it was #3 huh? Now they're all clean and shiny bright and the car is READY to go. I'll drive it down to Portland International Raceway tomorrow to watch the Historics and that should be the last run before I head out on Thursday toward Wisconsin, via Seattle.

See ya'll soon at Road America!


Jedi Trainee
I got my new seat covers on yesterday, along with a speedometer adapter fron R'gate.
Today, Im working under the dash before I install the seats.
Also installing new reciever, mine died 3 years ago. 2 new tires going on Monday
I leave on Wednesday, so I've still got lots to do, mostly small time consuming stuff
I also need to look at my new oil pan gasket, seems to leak a little "up front"
See you soon


Door seals to fit and new top to assemble plus shakedown miles on my fresh Datsun engine and trans and I'm ready. Car has about 120 miles on it since engine and drive train install and its a nice day soooo, looks like shakedown miles today!

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