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TR2/3/3A rack an pinon steering for TR3B


Great Pumpkin
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Need to check the suppliers once in a while


I think a couple of guys here use it.


Darth Vader
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I have the Moss unit installed on my 3A. Unfortunately, can't give you any feedback though as I am still a ways away from getting it on the road.

M. Pied Lourd


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I got my kit from...

British Auto Restorations LLC
2136 Patterson Ave SW
Roanoke, VA 24016-2512
Phone: (540) 989-5121

I believe it's the same kit as supplied by Racetorations in the UK.

I did a lot of modifications to my TR3 during the restoration, and that was by far the best. The steering is very light and precise.


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i also got the kit from british auto restorations in virginia---very good, helpful seller. i have another triumph contact who also got his from them. it has been several years however, so i do not know the current availability. this is about the best modification you can do to a tr, especially if the stock steering is starting to bind---mine had become close to undriveable. i have had it for quite a while, and no issues---just a great driving transformation. installation was straightforward, with no fabrication needed---pure bolt in. you do have to move the horn button and turn signal switch, however. also, as a suggestion, if you do move ahead with this---as long as you have the cowl and fenders opened up---you should think about replacing the radiator, if not already done. i got a new one that had an electric fan attached, which is required with the steering modification---the engine driven fan has to be removed. get a radiator without the crank hole, and you will get a significant increase in cooling capacity---dramatically reduced my temperature in hot weather and while idling.

Andrew Mace

Staff member
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No offense intended to anyone, but it seems a very expensive way to avoid doing much less expensive repairs to the original steering setup, which is just fine when all is right with it! That, and losing the turn signal/horn button, or the original fan, or ....


Darth Vader
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No offense taken Andrew. I had to make the decision early on in my restoration. When I added all the items up like ball joints, idler, silent blocks, box rebuild etc it made more economical sence to go with the r&p conversion. I mention that mine is a Moss unit, however, I bought mine through a Moss re-seller (little british car co.) I bought it during one of the big % off deals and it was actually quite affordable.

Having said that, I also understand that a properly set up stock steering on a sidescreen is more than capable of doing the job. Mine was raced for many years by the PO with the stock steering set up.....

M. Pied Lourd


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Isn't there an inexpensive way to adapt a TR7 manual rack to the TR3? Several years ago I sold a rack to someone on this forum from the Carolinas that did this.


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tr8todd said:
Isn't there an inexpensive way to adapt a TR7 manual rack to the TR3? Several years ago I sold a rack to someone on this forum from the Carolinas that did this.

Yes - Art Lipp in the past has sold plans for the conversion which relied on using a TR7 rack.


Senior Member
For what its worth - when I purchased my TR3 a few years ago, it had already been converted to use a TR4 rack, steering column, and wheel, which the seller advised required some modifications (and I have read that there needs to be). He had it done while the engine was out for a rebuild and said he had it done because his wife could not steer the car. In any event, it is an absolute joy to steer, and having the horn in the center and turn signal stalk on the column makes a lot of sense. Granted, I was a bit dissaponted when I bought the TR3 that it was not completey stock, but the merits and appearance of the system make that a somewhat distant memory.
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