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Race Tiger


Great Pumpkin
Here's a Tiger I happened upon when I was wandering the pits at a NASA event last weekend.
The owner got it from a guy in Calif and had it shipped here to the east coast.
The car is super clean. It was (apparently) a vintage racer formerly. The present owner says he wants to only use it for NASA HPDEs right now but might move up to vintage racing in the future.

For more pictures of my NASA weekend ~Go Here~



Jedi Warrior
<span style="font-family: 'Comic Sans MS'">Wow...beautiful paint</span>


Tullamore said:

Probably trying to be cute using the spanish word for cat to reference the Tigers ?

Bugs me when people call them cat, but gato is just over the top. We are (most of us anyway) in English speaking countries.



Senior Member
Jeeeeeze, surprised that folks on a friendly car site choose to be offended at calling the Tiger a Cat, in whatever language used. Guess that Southern CalEfornia air is getting to you folks.

Since most in the US don't know that New Mexico is part of the US, one doesn't need a Visa to travel here, and half the population is hispanic, I kind of prefer the "cute" term Gato. Hence I use it and will continue to do so for as long as I've owned Gatos - since the early 1970's!

Now I need to get motivated to get the hot rod back on the track rather than talking about it.


Jedi Warrior
That's a beautiful blue - any chance anyone knows the exact name or what make, year and model car it may have come from?


Jedi Warrior
THanks! That was my assesment and will research further. I'm think of painting my 59 BE with the same scheme just for something a little different.
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