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RA terrible news...


Jedi Trainee
Hello all.

Just got off the phone with a fellow racer. I was to be at Road America this weekend and could not get away. My buddy races a Elva. He said that yesterday, a gentleman driving a Green Westlake 11? Came up on a Mini who was stopped at track side getting a tow. The yellow was not visible, but was displayed. The Westlake spun and slid into the Mini, killing the Westlake driver. The Mini driver was ok, but a safety worker was also injured.

I am sure we will all here more.

Drive safe, look for the flag stations.



Jedi Trainee
Car was an EASTLAKE 11, driven by a guy named Surgit.....

Sorry about the confusion. I am just a little upset. I pitted next to them at Blackhawk...great guy.


Luke Skywalker
Country flag
I'm so sorry to hear of such a terrible accident. With a hobby like vintage racing you don't always realize the true dangers you expose yourself to in a weekend of automotive fun. My heart goes out to all of those involved in the incident. We
had miserable weather at our last SOVREN Fall Final this past weekend, heavy rains and pooling water on the track. Most drives without the correct tires took it real easy, but we did have one big bore Camero take a roll. No severe injures just a lot of bent metal which can be repaired.



Country flag
Being an ex-racer - hate to hear stuff like that.
Hope the driver's family is dealing with their loss OK.

- Doug


Jedi Knight
I sold and delivered a race prepped 1275cc that came with a Bugeye I had to a vintage racer in Sterling, IL, Surjit Hermon. He was a super guy and loved his racing. He had several cars.

I received email yesterday from Curt Fischer in Sterling, who I bought the Bugeye from, that Surjit was killed in an accident at Road America last Friday. Sad news.

Here's a news story of the accident:



A race-car driver killed Friday in a crash at Road America has been
identified as Surjit Hermon, a 61-year-old radiologist from Sterling,

Hermon crashed shortly after 2 p.m. during a practice session for this
weekend's Elkhart Lake Vintage Festival Races, said Road America
spokeswoman Julie Sebranek. His 1957 Eastlake 11 was pulling out of turn
13 when he lost control and struck a disabled car that had pulled off
the track, Sebranek said.
Hermon was taken by ambulance to St. Nicholas Hospital, where he was
pronounced dead on arrival, said Coroner David Leffin. Cause of death
was blunt force trauma to the neck and chest.

The driver of the second car was treated at the track and released.

Hermon was a member of the Vintage Sports Car Drivers Association and
participated in the group's races throughout the Midwest, Sebranek said.
He is the second member of the association killed in a raceway crash in
just over a month, following the death of a 71-year-old Illinois man in
an Aug. 16 race in Michigan.

About 300 vintage and historic race cars are on hand for the Vintage
Festival Races, which includes races Saturday and today. The 23rd annual
event is staged by the vintage association, and this year celebrates the
50th anniversary of the Austin-Healey Sprite.



Staff member
Country flag
That's terrible. I was up there on Saturday, didn't hear anything about it. My thoughts are with his family.

I saw a post regarding this on the Corvette forum, they have a picture of the car, it's a replica Lotus 11, and there is NO protection for the driver in this sort of collision.

Sad loss......


Jedi Knight
Steve said:
...it's a replica Lotus 11, and there is NO protection for the driver in this sort of collision...

I really enjoyed the short visit I had with Surjit when I delivered him the engine...he was so proud of that car. As I recall, it was RHD and I did notice that there was very little protection. The metal fabrication was a work of art.



Great Pumpkin
Very sad news.


Jedi Trainee
I remember that his trailer had green "Puppies racing" on it and they usually have a vette or 2. I have some video of him from Blackhawk from this summer..he was driving that thing real well, just flew by me! I had heard that where he went off, if the mini wasn't there, he would have mowed grass and not hit anything. Makes me wonder if the mini dropped some oil or something as they were trying to put it on a flatbed. Since this accident, I went out to my bugeye and installed my tow eye in a better place and painted it yellow...I want the safety guys to be able to get me out of the way quickly!

I also bought a HANS device as well, I am going to use it at Hallett this weekend for the first time.


Darth Vader
VelodromeRacer said:
Makes me wonder if the mini dropped some oil or something as they were trying to put it on a flatbed. ,

It doesn't take much oil to spin a car.
And flaggers sometimes can't even see it from their corners.
By the time the driver feels it...It's too late.

Terrible news indeed.

I thought I may have met him at RA 3 years ago.
Perhaps it was another 7-11 driver.
It sticks out in my mind because of how friendly the guy was.
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