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TR6 Power drain


Jedi Hopeful
Hello All,

I originally thought my heater was shot. But I left the knob pulled out on low,
well the other day the heater came on. I noticed it because my gauges (temp, volt)
began to drop. I think if I were to let it on, it would burn something up. But I am happy
the heater will work. Also when you pull the heater knob out full, there's nothing.
Any advice?


You are likely to have a couple of unrelated issues. The motor may be gummed up with partially seized bearings and a dirty commutator. It has been years since I opened up any of the Smiths blower motors so I am sorry to say that I cannot advise you on how to work on them specifically. On other Smiths motors I have been able to take the armature out of the casing, clean the commutator, soak the bearings in 30W oil and get them freed up.

The lack of any heat from the yeater could be from any number of possible sources. If your thermostat is stuck open, the engine itself may not be hot enough to give you any heat through the heater core (what does your temperature gauge say the engine is running at?) If it is not the thermostat, it could be a failed heater valve (stuck closed). Finally, if it is not the heater valve it could be the heater core is full of sediment. You can try disconnecting hoses in the engine bay, opening the heater valve and flowing water through the core and valve with a garden hose. Try getting water to flow both directions through the core. Keep flushing (particularly in the reverse direction) until the water is flowing freely and clear with no rust, dirt or sediment).

If you can get water to flow through and you get the blower motor sorted you should have more heat than you want... especially this time of year.


Jedi Hopeful
Thank you so much. My temp gauge runs right of center. In fact, sometime I'll probably install a fan. I've not thought about the heater valve.
But thanks again.


Luke Skywalker
Country flag
On my ' 6, the metal hose 'barbs" on the firewall were nearly rusted closed. Replaced them, hoses, and flushed the heater.
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