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Polished Metal Coating to Protect Shine


Hi Everyone,
I am polishing some metal on the throttle linkage and wondering what is the best sealant or coating to apply to keep the shine.


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You want to apply a 2k hi-gloss urethane. Without paying through the nose for quart of automotive high gloss, activator and reducer, the best alternative is from Eastwood products. https://www.eastwood.com/spray-max-2k-high-gloss-clearcoat-aerosol.html This would be the best (ease of application) method to clear coat your parts in a professional manor if you don't have the necessary spray equipment. After polishing said parts, I would suggest a complete and thorough wipe down with denatured alcohol with a clean cotton rag to remove any residual polishing compounds. Change the rags often if you have a lot of parts or contamination.
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