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PNW Dry Winter Weather


Luke Skywalker
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I had to take advantage of this rare clear, dry and warm (50+) weather this weekend here in Oregon and stretch the legs on my '65 BJ8 good times........
The weatherman says could be dry until February, anyone else out driving?


Jedi Warrior
That's a beautiful photo!...and a beautiful car. I may have to find one of them after I finish restoring my 57 BN4.
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Nope, can't get em out of the garage. We've had a series of little snows - couple inches each, that keeps the back lot outside of the garage either snow covered or muddy when it melts. Maybe later this week. I hate to let them sit this long! :frown:



Obi Wan
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I agree, great photo! A good candidate for the 2012 calendar section.

Weathers been good down here in California too. Even though I don't have the material on my top frame, I still drive it to the hardware store. Yup, to buy parts for the top. :yesnod:


Senior Member
Been driving mine regularly (Texas is awesome!). It was a bit chilly driving it to work Friday morning (OK, more than a bit), but now that the heater works (as of this weekend), I think it'll be more enjoyable next time. Probably tomorrow morning in fact... looks like a partly sunny 50-ish day tomorrow :thumbsup:

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Up here (Lake Tahoe) im ski country, its been in the 50's. That called for a nice trip around the lake (72 miles plus a side trip to Truckee of another 30 miles). Top up of course as it was 18 degrees in the morning. Ground dry, snow piled everywhere. Very beautiful. I don't recall driving the Healey in January before. This was a test of the new water pump (wife says,"Yea, sure".) Gas was $3.80.
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