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Plus Sized Panasport Pictures


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Hi All:

If you have 16 or 17 inch Panasports on your TR could you please post a picture of your car, along with the tire size you are running?

I am thinking of getting a set of the larger wheels, but I am not quite sure how they will look.

Thanks for your help.



Darth Vader
Not my car. 16 inch Panasports. 1 inch lowered suspension. Sure fill the wheel wells.


  • 4019-16s.jpg
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Great Pumpkin
Lookin' good...........

Someday I'll have the tri-carbs like you did.


Luke Skywalker
alana said:

after has 16", and is lowered 1"

They look great on your car Alan!

Are those 16x7" wheels?

I assume so because I've not been able to find 16 inch Panasport or similar any narrower than 7". I've toyed with the idea of +1 size on my TR4, but am concerned about clearance issues with any wheel wider than 6". I've looked for 16x6 at Panasport, KN, Superlite, Compomotive, Konig and American Racing... maybe someone can suggest another source?



they are 16x7.
afaik you cant get 16x6.
i have a clearance problem at full lock in reverse. even after turning the bolts round.
need to get out the grinder...
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