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Picked up another motor.......


Jedi Hopeful
My projects continue. I picked up another TRactor motor today. low mileage, runs, perfect, etc. This is my "oh crap, I destroyed one, now I need a backup" motor

The engine that is currently in my car is the test bed for a forced induction project. T3 turbo, SU Carbs, custom intake manifold, etc. *puts flame suit on* It's starting to take shape nicely....I need to work an intercooler system for it, but the boost is being limited to 5 psi for now. ....Just to prove that it can be done.

The other motor will be a test bed for an EFI system using DCOE throttle bodies and Megasquirt engine management. ...Time to bring a TRactor engine into the 21st century.

The last motor (the one I picked up today) will go into the car if (when?) I destroy the other two.

I will keep these projects updated!!!!


Jedi Hopeful
as an FYI, after extensive calculations....the turbo TR4 will put out 203.2 horsepower at 8 psi, intercooled, ignition retarded, reworked head, 93 octane, stock cam. 150 horsepower will be dead reliable at 5 psi. When I finish my testing on it, I will publish the "HOW TO" on it.....


Jedi Knight

Sounds interesting. When you get this all hooked up I really would like to see a picture of it.


Jedi Knight
Country flag
When you get this all hooked up I really would like to see a picture of it.

[/ QUOTE ] Amen, brother!


Luke Skywalker
I'd like to see more info on the fuel injected version.

I've been tempted to do something similar. I suspect 180-200 HP would be possible even non-turbo/supercharged, and FI with a full engine management system should be a pretty reliable and flexible way to get that extra power. Gas flowing, a modern ignition, lots of extra displacement, etc. needed too, of course! Then it's just a matter of keeping the gearbox, diff and axles in one piece, while peeling rubber off the tires! Oh, and there's the small detail of stopping it all, occasionally too... time to upgrade the brakes again!



Jedi Hopeful
Hi Alan,

The fuel injection project is in the very primative stages. There are a few routes to go about it:

Create a manifold/plenum, and run one throttle body (maybe a Ford or GM unit ...not really performance oriented, but it would still offer improved reliability, gas mileage, etc.

There is a company that offers SU-style throttle bodies that could be used with the original intake manifold. Of course, you'd still need to add correct sensors, wiring, fuel pump, regulator, and engine management. Probably a step up in performance from the single throttle body.

Lastly, one could create a manifold, and run ITB's. I think besides looking extremely cool, the individual throttle bodies would offer the best performance. I think motorcyle TB's could be easily adapted to the 4-cylinder motor.

I'm already knee-deep in the turbo project....we'll see how efficiently I can get this thing worked out. There's a certain cool factor of turboing (even over supercharging). The instant, kick in the pants boost, sounds, smells, etc are second to none.

..although, like you said, I think with a higher duration cam, redone head, free flow exhaust, and ITB's with engine management, 200 horsepower is completely do-able.

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