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Photos of my 1936 Hudson Stratton Sport Saloon


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I was asked to post a few photos of my car since I have not been around for some time. Completed the restoration of this Coachbuild Classic that was designed by Ried Railton at Coachcraft ltd. just south of London. It is not known how many of these coachbuilt cars were produced by Coachcraft from 1935 to 1939 when they stopped production for the war. However, the expectation was that about two per year of possibly ten total. This remains the only one in the USA. It was build for the Gov. General of Hong Kong and is fully documented.


  • 1936 Hudson Stratton Sport Saloon  Jelsco02r8.jpg
    1936 Hudson Stratton Sport Saloon Jelsco02r8.jpg
    111.1 KB · Views: 47
  • 1936 Hudson Stratton Sport Saloon 01r8 best of show Jelsco.jpg
    1936 Hudson Stratton Sport Saloon 01r8 best of show Jelsco.jpg
    132.5 KB · Views: 45
  • English Hudson HET 35.jpg
    English Hudson HET 35.jpg
    146.6 KB · Views: 42
  • English Hudson HET9.jpg
    English Hudson HET9.jpg
    134.6 KB · Views: 39


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Magnificent! That is a truly beautiful car.


Great Pumpkin
That is one beautiful automobile. And I *do* mean Automobile. I remember when you had it on ebay a few years ago. Glad you kept it!

Do you have any photos of the restoration process? It must have been tough finding parts, etc.



Freshman Member
English Hudson 1.1.09 Engine Passenger Side close DSCN0457.jpgI have photos from the full process. I got the car in parts and pieces when it was fully disassembled. This was the first shot I got around to taking. The floor of the car is all wood and the A, B, and C pillar attach to the floor. some parts were Hudson parts but all others had to be made. All the wood was replaced and hand formed.


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wow - what a transformation


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I've seen the car in person, and it has incredible presence.

Mickey Richaud

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Great Pumpkin
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Man that Machine is out of sight !:encouragement:

Deleted member 8987

Zero bids at starting 33K. Writeup says no reserve, one bid takes it...looks like "starting bid 33K' is a reserve to me.
Didn't sell two months ago...and now it's elsewhere for $48K. Interesting.
Seems like if they really wanted this car, and wanted to make a "big profit", snagging it at 33K and selling at 48K gives them.....wait....go to the XP machine..15K of those massive profit greenbacks.
Really wonder what they paid.
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