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T-Series Photos from Britfest 2005


Jedi Hopeful

Thanks for sharing the pix. Looks like a great time.



Great Pumpkin
I've been many times in the past, but this was a year that I couldn't attend....not that I'm complaining; I had a great time racing the Spridget at Pocono.
Britfest is only about 6 miles from my house and I drive past the site everyday on the way to work.
I convinced my lab assistant to go and he had a great time. I'll forward him this link.
The red Mini belongs to a friend of mine (she also has a new MINI). I've talked to the guy who owns that amazing Jaguar D-type replica several times....very nice fellow!
Glad you had a good time.
And if you wish to go to another great show, the Red Mill British Car show is comming up on June 5 in Clinton, NJ.


Kim de B

Jedi Warrior
Country flag
Nial, I guess we changed places on Sunday. You were here, and I was there!

Marty, I'm sure disappointed you didn't post any photos of my car ... You know, it was the RED chrome-bumper B! (I believe there were at least 10 of 'em, most of them right in a row.) I actually went to get something out of my car and started opening the trunk of the car next to mine...


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Jedi Hopeful
There certainly were a boatload of B's! It was extremely cool to see them all together. And the fact that there were about 10-12 T-series was also cool.

We're planning to go to Red Mill in Clinton if I can kick the visiting family members out of the house in time on Sunday morning!

Kim: Is there a caravan to the Clinton show planned? I know there's one for Princeton.


I might... ahem... be there too Kim. Wasn't planning on it exactly but I WILL be there on Saturday and might just take the MG and stay another day. We'll see.


Jedi Hopeful
I'm pre-registered...it's just those pesky visiting relatives I'll have to deal with first...hmmmm...maybe faking a chemical spill in the house early Sunday morning? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif
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