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Post-War Other Period 1963 racing film

Hamish Racing

Hamish Racing

Jedi Hopeful
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I think Triumph made the TR3 motors 1991cc's so they could race in the under 2000 cc class?
Yes that right. In the UK 500cc class was very popular and used motorbike engines. 750cc class was also very popular and were typically Austin 7 based specials
1100 then 1500cc classes too.
Formula junior was originally 1000cc/1100cc

the bigger racers were sport’s libre and the road going gt cars.

triumph did well at Le Mans

I think usa embraced triumph racing more (and Kas Kastner showed the factory a thing or two!!)


Jedi Hopeful
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Gotta love those Brits. They'll race anything.

But how come so few of the "sports cars" are using roll bars?!?!

Boy, men were crazy men back then!!!!


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Rollbars were not required in the 1950s and some of the 1960s, in fact many owners didn't install them because a car that had been raced was harder to sell. The NY Times had a full page or two with foreign car classified ads and one phrase was "never raced". I never had one in either my Lea Francis MG or TR3. Top TR3 driver Harold Hurtley got killed in his TR3 at Lime Rock but as I recall, his seat belt pulled out and he was thrown from the car.
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