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Performance alternator questions.....??


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Hello, I'm a novice and have some alternator questions......

I've now went through 2 Lucas alternators in very short order on my Midget and am in the market for a 3rd. I would like this next one to be the last alt. I buy, at least for a while. I know that racing / performance parts are sometimes built to higher specs / tolerances / quality. Is this true with alternators? Those of you who race Spridgets, what do you use??

I'm not concerned about price as much as I am quality. I've heard lots about the Bosch and GM alt. conversions, as well as having the Lucas units rebuilt by a reputable shop. However, is there a make or style that is above and beyond the rest? I've seen the ones from companies like Powermaster and East Coast Auto Electric, are these at all better?? They appear to be modified or rebuilt Nippon-Denso units. Are the components worth their $250+ price tags? What makes the more expensive?

Im not currently racing or anything like that but would like an alternator to fit the bill should I ever start. (as I would like to)

Thanks for any insight!
I'm running a saturn alternator on my Midget and it has been working well. Like you, I've gone through a couple of "rebuilt" lucas units on my Sprite.
Most Spridget racers run a total loss charging system, meaning no charging system, just run off battery power. Also the racing alternaors, many are derived from small alternators like used on a fork lifts, just enough charging power to run an ignition system, a street car needs way more charging abilty, than a race car, as race cars run way less electrical systems than a street car. I think I would follow Trevor's advice.


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I'm running a GM Delco - in part because it was cheaper than having the Lucas re-built. If I did it again, I would look for a smaller one however as the GM is large.
The saturn one is a similar in size to the lucas unit. There used to be a guy that sold them as a "kit" ... ready to bolt on.
No experience with them. However, it seems you are paying a premium price for a compact unit that is not necessary for your car.


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CS130 Saturn Alternator kit ordered (from above link). Yay!! Can't wait to drive again. Thanks to all for the help!!


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Same instructions apply for using in a Spridget in terms of wire colors etc. Looks like it to me.


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Thanks Gerard.
Sorry Gerard, didn't realize you sold them as a "Kit".
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