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Panasport Wheels


Darth Vader
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I've read some time ago about a wheel called Panasport. It looked similar to Minilites but it had a chrome finish on the outer edge of the rim. Does anyone know anything about these wheels?
Thanks, Dave.


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The edge finish is not chromed, it is polished aluminum with a clear coat where no color coat was applied like on the rest of the wheel. We're kind of like the Panasport poster children as we have several sets spread across multiple cars and wheel/tire set ups (even have a set loaned out right now to a friend whose kid just got his license and needed a set of wheels for his Miata autocross set up). High quality stuff, relatively light, rather abuse tolerant for alloy wheels. There used to be a dealer in PA called K-Speed that was good for getting Panasports from, but alas they are gone. The Roadster Factory in Armagh is primarily Triumph/MG but they do sell Panasports and you could probably get a set from them for your Healey. There's also Paul Spruell Motorsports in the Chamblee/Doraville GA area selling them. I'm sure if you look around you can find other dealers as well. They are a bit pricier than other types of wheels, but considering the level of what you get for the money, not out of line in my book.


Darth Vader
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Thanks everyone. I was on the Panasport web site, and I know I'm not computer literate but aside from their statement of the applications and history of their wheels, I found no technical specifications or hot buttons to contact them or place orders. But there is a phone number. So I thank you folks for your opinions of the wheel. It is all that I know about them. I will contact some of the stated suppliers. It appears that I better be sure of the demensions that i need for my car. Since only Moss has a specific part number for a Minilite specifically for the big Healey. Thanks, Again. Dave


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r.d. in Quakertown, PA sells Panasport wheels. I've dealt with them in the past, a good resource. They cater to Lotus cars but may be able to get the size you need for a Healey.
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