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panasport wheels


Freshman Member
Just purchased new panasport wheels 15 X 06 size. What has been the best performing tire for normal road use?


Jedi Knight
I am running with Yokohama Avid T4's 205/70. I am very happy with their performance and handling. And the price was very nice from the Tire Rack. I think I paid $50 each. Tire choice of course is a very personal choice. Everyone will have their own opinion and reasons for using the tires they are. I am just telling you what I use. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cheers.gif


Jedi Knight
Hi Mark,
I have been considering getting new wheels and was wondering what the offset is on the ones you got.

Ab Crevoiserat

Jedi Hopeful
I just put a set of BF Goodrich Tracker T/A's 205/70 on a set of Superlight Wheels 15x6 and I am very happy. I even used them at Brits of the Hudson's Dare to be British Autocross (in the rain) and they handled like a dream. I am very happy. Also gotten from Tire Rack


Freshman Member

Purchased the wheels from Roadster Factory, and they required no spacers. Just balanced and mounted.



Great Pumpkin
How about a pic or two? I've been thinking about a set of those.
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