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Panasport Fake Knock Offs


Jedi Trainee

I have a set of Panasports on my '62 TR-3B and love them. The one thing I would like to get to complete my car is a set of fake knock offs that will replace the Panasport center piece.

My car was built with steel wheels and not wires.

Does anyone know if anyone sells such an item?




Darth Vader
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M_Pied_Lourd said:
Maybe something here Paul


M.Pied Lourd
copied from that site..."About Screw-On Wheel Spinners
Screw-on spinner tops use 3" ID threads and attach by literally screwing on (like a peanut butter jar lid)." Jee wiz, thanks for that helpful hint.After all you guys get done a frame off restoration, I'll bet its really hard to figure out how to secure the wheels.


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I did not know that these were available. I think I will get a set!

Simon TR4a

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If you are really keen you could change to real knockoff Panasports with the matching hubs- this will not be inexpensive!
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