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Paint wheel wells.


Jedi Hopeful
One thing leads to another. I am in the middle of rebuilding my brakes and noticed all the undercoating someone has sprayed in my wheelwells. Well,,, I knocked some of the loose stuff off and found some a good healthy surface rust under the loose stuff. I just finished cleaning it all off of the passenger side of my AH 3000. Did not know the original color was healey blue (red now). Anyway what next?

I need to treat the rust with something??, prime I guess and then paint.

What do I treat the rust with and do I need to prime that?

My local auto part store can put my viper red into spray cans for about $20 a can or sell me a quart and reducer for about $60. I have an old spray gun.

Any suggestions?
I think I just say some suspension bushings under there that look old!!!!

tony barnhill

Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
Treat the rust with new metal! After you've cut the rust out.


Jedi Hopeful
Hi Scott,
Was reading you post and thought I would chime in. 1. rust never sleeps , read that growing up in MN on a rusted out old parked station wagon. If the metal is still sound (meaning you cannot jab a pick or screw driver though the metal)there are several methods you can choose. For the average guy who doesn't want a big mess you might try a conversion coating like Por15 sold online etc. They recommend removing all of the loose rust and brush painting the Por 15 on. Por 15 is a permanent moisture blocking paint that is made to rob rust of oxygen so it can no longer grow.If you decide to paint over the product you will have to rough it up for a mechanical adhesion prior to a Primer or paint top coating.This is a very durable choice. 2. you may sand or media blast the metal clean, a tough choice if your car is not disassembled completely. 3.have the part dipped.
Also on a Healey pay close attention to the inner fender well areas for rust out these areas are notorious for rust out<behind the fenders near the rocker and behind the rocker panels, they tend to rust from the inside out.

Hope this helps!



Jedi Hopeful
Thanks Vern. Guess I wil try the Por 15. The rust is still surface rust and it at the top of the wheel well not the bottom where the rockers are. The car was restored?? sort of in the late 80 early 90 and has been inside ever since I think. The usual rust stuff was replaced. I have not see rust in this place before.
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