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paint chip from stone inside wheel well


Jedi Knight
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I got a small star shaped paint chip on my rear fender... apparently the damage was caused when a stone lodged in the tire thread flew off and struck the inner surface of the fender. Just wondering if there are shields or wheel-well liners available?


Great Pumpkin
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HiNevets, You can probably use some of the clear self adhesive plastic type covering materials to protect the paint.--Fwiw-Keoke
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A couple of years ago, I sprayed my wheelwells with Fusor Wheelhouse Coating; a black rubbery surface that absorbs the stone's impact (my car was really making a racket just going down the average street).

It can be painted (which I did) or left black, as is.

Unfortunately, my server has been down since the First of October (when my IT guy moved), so no pictures are immediately available.

Edit: product is Fusor 805 Wheelhouse coating, and I've applied it to the over fifty (>50) BMW M Coupes/Rdstrs that I've redone the weak trunkfloor/differential brackets on. With fine tuning the application gun, I can replicate the BMW factory undercoating almost perfectly.


Obi Wan
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Hi Nevets

I used 3M Rocker Panel Spray.
Part number 05911
It's clear.
It comes in a spray can.

As written on the can:
Fine to medium texture.
Paintable Chip Resistant Coating.

The wheel wells should be the same color as the exterior color. So being a clear coating, this product address' that.

I haven't had any chipping as of yet. 3 years.

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