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Oil On Rear wheels


Freshman Member
Hi All, Does the TF have O ring and paper seal between the Axle housing and the back plate??? I have seen a kit which included the seal, o ring, and gasket, supposed to fit the TF. The parts books do not show this setup but I cannot stop the rear axle leak. The oil level is right, the air vent is open and there are new seals installed a year ago but alas I still have a mess on my spoke wheels. any advice out there??? Dale


Jedi Warrior
You will need to replace item 19 & 20 in the Moss illistration. I would apply a small amount silicone on the outside of the seal before you press it in. After cleaning splines seal the collar on the inside where it slides on the axles with silicone too to prevent oil from coming around splines from inside of collar seal.

Also check axle bearing for to much freeplay, if you have to much freeplay the seal will wear unevenly and cause the seal to leak.


Freshman Member
Thank you, I will follow up with this method but I am still wondering if an O ring and gasket would fit. I do not remember from 2 years ago when I replaced the seal if the seal holder is groved for an O ring. I guess when I take it down again I will find out. Hate to do it in the summer driving time. Dale


Jedi Warrior
Dale - unlike the MGA and MGB rear axle, there is no gasket between the axle and the seal holder. Check the flange on the axle and on the seal holder for any damage and check item 20 for any scratches or damage. Clean everything and install item 20 and then coat it with some Silglide, also coat the lips on the seal (insure that the open side of the seal is pointing toward the the axle. Slide the seal/seal holder over item 20, twisting a bit to insure that the lip on the seal doesn't get damaged. Bolt everything together, install the hub and tighten the axle nut to the prescribed torque (85 ftlb, then to the next line up of the castel nut with the cotter pin hole). Install the cotter pin and then drive the car, watching for any further oil leak.


Freshman Member
Thanks Dave for the response, I am going to wait until fall and then dismantle the rear axle and recheck/replace the seals. I have done this once before but I did miss something. Dale


Great Pumpkin
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I had the same problem and before I started restoring the car, I pulled the housing apart and applied Permatex Gold to this surface. There is no gasket in this area, it's a machine fit. Along with new axle seals, leak fixed! Permatex Gold does not get hard and easily disassembles later if needed. PJ

Chassis after, MGA shocks still on, proper TF front shocks not installed as of this photo.

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