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oil capacity


Luke Skywalker
I've looked and can't find a simple statement of oil capacity without filter change. Probably 3.5 qts but I need to know since I question my PO altered dipstick.


Luke Skywalker
Duh, sorry, 1098cg.
Thanks, where did you find that in which manual?
And, if it's got an add on oil cooler?
Assuming the cooler and lines holds something. Seems a simple thing but I want to get the correct amount of oil in there and see what the dipstick says instead of the other way around.


Jedi Warrior
After having the manual for 2 years I finally figured how it works. You have to start from the front page and each page finally builds up to a 1098 and beyond. I too could not find any capacities until recently. Everything just said top off. I figured someone was involved in the oil industry and wanted you to coat your floor with various lubricants.

To answer your question;
General Data page 5 which actually says 948 at the top but as I said the manual is cumulative.

The capacity is actually 7.8 pints

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