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TR6 now what have I done? choke on rebuilt carbs....


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Rebuilt carbs back on the '75TR6...thought I put'em back as they came off....idles at about 1300 with the choke fully out and up to 3000 with the choke in. Shouldn't it be higher idle with the choke out, and lower with the choke in? Should I take them off and re-install?


Luke Skywalker
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Most likely the choke is richening the mixture to the point where it slows the engine. The problem is likely in the linkage. I would disconnect the throttle linkage at the shafts by loosening the link between the two carbs and then pull the butterflies completely shut. You should be able to completely kill the engine by shutting them. If that works, re- tighten the connection and adjust the idle speed with the screw. Tom


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Yeah, check the tail end of the choke cable; it may be hanging up on the linkage.


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Follow-up...choke cable seemed ok. Raised the pistons in the carbs (engine off) and the butterflies were closed. It won't fire unless I hit the carbs with some quick start (at which point it starts up like pro), which I'm guessing has to do with too much air pulling in. Anyhow, with it idling at 2500 rpm, I can kill the engine by fully blocking the air intake. I can get it down to 1200 rpm by partially covering. Someone mentioned spraying butane around in case there's a leak - seems like a recipe for an explosion, but maybe I'm too cautious.



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Come on, do you really think someone would try to get you to blow yourself up ?


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Hahahaha - maybe not....could I get something so wrong that I end up blowing myself up? Likely! I won't mention how many times I've shocked myself working on the coil.
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