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No cabin heat in my 1997 jaguar xj-6


Freshman Member
Hello all,
Looking for some help. I lost cabin heat in my wife's 1997 xj-6 the other day(we are in New England). I was thinking the first(and cheapest) place to start was a thermostat thinkin it may be stuck open. The local dealer also told me I might want to try the electric heater pump and the heater flow control valve. I was looking for your thoughts and also location of the two latter items(electric heater pump and heater flow control vv. Are these big jobs to do or can a weekend mechanic get thru it. Is there also a relay associated with the electric heater pump and the location of it.
Thanks in advance.


Jedi Warrior
Just fixed this on my 96 VDP, yep, check the aux coolant pump. the brushes go bad, or the magnetically coupled impeller gets gunked up. Later is an easy fix as the pump comes apart easily. If it is the brushes, those can be replaced if you have that talent to solder and take care of some cleaning of the stator.
You can get replacement pumps from Rock Auto, guaranteed, for less than $100. Used same price at Matthews Foreign Car Parts in Birmingham Alabama.
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