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Nissan Delta

Mickey Richaud

Staff member
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That's just "Too Weird".I'm going back to the '70's.

- Doug


Great Pumpkin
I love that thing! And I was sad to see it get indiscriminately bashed at LeMans.

Among other things, it's brought in a lot of younger kids who like the "Batmobile", out-of-the-box styling. I'm pretty sure there's already a video game with this car.

For me the coolness of this car is the relative efficiency; better aero and smaller engine equals high speed with less fuel stops.


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I'm glad to see it racing again. I love the idea of trying some new things (and the focus on efficiency). A nice out-of-the-box project. Reminds me of the interesting periods at Indianapolis where all sorts of things (diesels, turbines, etc) were tried. Racing as a proving ground for new ideas, makes it interesting and useful.

Deleted member 8987

My issue would be trying to remember that what you see out front for vehicle width and what you see out both sides of the cockpit is NOT the width you need to get past someone or through a small hole.
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