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New to the forum. Some basic questions.


Freshman Member
Hey everyone, first post, and just wanted to say HI. A little back ground. I just recently purchased a 9/72 MG BGT from my neibghbor who is moving and can't take it with him. It has been rebuilt from the ground up with new rubber bushings all round, drivetrain rebuilt and or all new, suspension all new, new tires, and interior fully stripped. It also came with an brand new VB complete beige interior with panels and carpet, new seat covers and foam, new windshield, and complete weather strip kit.

Now whats wrong with it. It needs a new dash and new driver and passenger windows, since the ones installed right now are all scratched. Two quarter sized rust holes in the passenger floor board need pateched and rust on the pass. side dog leg. It runs but has been sitting for 5yrs without being started. I need to drain the gas tank and the carbes,clean the plugs, put some new fuel in and see from there. That is pretty much it.

Is this a good year for these cars? Is it a good model? Anything speciel about this car or is it just a basic MG?

I am a huge Z car enthuziest and have a '71 240Z and a '91 300Z. How does the GT hold up to my 240Z. I will know once I get her running soon, but just curious of your guys opinion of the two. I Have alot to learn about this car, from just looking at the under side it is completely differtn then my 240(4wheel independent). I think it will be a lot of fun to work on like my 240Z. The site looks like it will come in handy with this project. Yes, I know about search and have been using it non stop since I joined this site. But, being a newbie, I might have to ask a few newbie questions. Sorry for the long post.


In stock form, the Z will outperform the MGB GT easily. But what the MG lacks in power it more than makes up for in character. With minor upgrades the MGB can outhandle most cars of it's era and many made after. Power upgrades are easily done as well depending on how much you're willing to spend. A Moss supercharger kit can be installed in an easy weekend and will boost power output by up to 40%.

Keep an eye on eBay for windows, they are not difficult to find. Also try Chris Roop or Tony Barnhill for quality used parts.

The passenger floor can be repaired but if it's bad then you may want to replace the entire floor pan. Moss sells these as well.

Congrats on the purchase and welcome to what is perhaps the most friendly and helpful group of car enthusiasts to be found... MG owners! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif


Jedi Knight
Except for the Triumph owners!

<Jim ducks and runs for cover>

Seriously though, I've had a couple of MG's in the past and they handle like go-carts - I'd love for my TR3 to handle like an MGB....My torque and your handling would be a great combination.

<now I duck and run for cover from my Triumph buddies>


Jedi Knight
Welcome to the Forum! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cheers.gif

I think your car is a 1973 MGBGT made in 9/72, the next to last year for the chrome bumper style and IMHO is one of the best examples of the MGBGT's around.

As far as the performance, on paper, the 240Z should out perform the MGBGT, but many moons ago...I was driving my 69 roadster one day on a local interstate and got cut off by a 240Z as we entered a 270 degree cloverleaf. I was right on his tail the whole way through the bend and blew his doors off in the half mile before the next exit, when he cut me off again as I took the exit, this time into an uphill sweeping ramp leading to another 4 lane highway, marked as a 35 MPH ramp...and we we doing about 65-70 as I gained on him going up the ramp and hit 3rd gear to whip around him as we merged onto the next highway (for you critics out there, it was a very little used new highway to the airport, so traffic was non existent) and hit 4th gear and was gone...all he saw was my taillights until I took the next exit and stopped at a light. He claims he missed a shift, but I like to think to this day that my mostly stock MGB out ran a 240Z at least once.

Don't try this at home...those were diffent times back then!

Bruce /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/driving.gif

John Moore

Luke Skywalker
Welcome to the forum.

The introduction of the 240Z was the beginning of the end for inexpensive British sports cars in the US. The Japaanese took what the british started and really ran with it.

I hope you have fun with your 'new' MGB GT!

Simon TR4a

Jedi Knight
I agree with what's been said, the 1972 BGT is about the best year as is has the later gearbox, 5 bearing crank, alternator instead of generator, but still with the lower suspension and classic bumpers. The dash design and grille are more attractive on the earlier cars but the grille, at least can be replaced easily.
Compared with the Z you will find the power much less, you may miss the exhaust note of the six, but you will not have that ugly criss cross pattern stamped in the vinyl!
Both are nice cars, just fifferent!
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