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New member, old car, new fuel problem


Freshman Member
hi all,

just joined here, even though I think I was a member years ago.

here is my story:
I have a 1960 3000 mk1. My mom bought this car in 1969 when she was 18 for $250. Over the years it went here and there with us, sitting in yards and finally in the back of an auto parts warehouse for 20 years. It was slowly restored in the 80 and 90s to decent driver quality. My grandfather, uncle and I did the mechanicals and we farmed out the paint and body.

In 2001, we sold the autoparts warehouse tied up some loose ends on the car (assembly, new gas tanks and a tune-up) but the car was moved to storage. I've run it maybe twice since 2001 (for shame I know) while I was in grad school, starting a family, etc. Well enough of that! I now have a garage to keep it in and want to enjoy it like we (the family) always wanted to.

She was always a good runner, and fires right up. I went through the brakes and they are all in good shape now. She always ran a little hot so I was going to get the rad recored and check the thermostat this year too.

OK so now onto my question for the forum:

This car has one of the 'automatic' chokes that were offered for something like 1/2 a year. I don't know much about it, or if we have ever worked on it. years ago it was rigged up with a toggle switch, I think because the temp sender end was no longer working.

right now she starts fine with the switch flipped and the choke on. once she is going for a minute or 2 she starts to stumble a bit, flip off the choke and she settles to a nice idle. but when I blip the throttle raw gas shoots out of the top of the choke, upwards onto the bottom of the hood. not good.

does anyone know about the internal workings on those? can they be rebuilt? moss doesn't show parts that I can see, is there a SU specific carb supplier that can fix these? its been suggested just to replace the carbs with manual choke versions. I'd love to just fix the old choke and keep the car original, if possible.


Great Pumpkin
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Restore the choke to its intended operational mode and all will be well.Joe Cutro can accomodate you here.
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