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First off, Disclaimer: Sorry for any possible mistakes in posting in the wrong area and for any grammar or spelling mistakes, All un-intentional.
I came across this site in the past and never took the couple of minutes to register. Now, I look forward to reading and posting in the coming weeks, months, years.
Cars of all types have been a passion of mine from my very early years. Purchased my first 'Brit' in 1974.....and still have it. That purchase started my obsession with LBC. After years of buying, rebuilding, selling all sorts of cars (Yes, German Cars too) I have a few in the stable and I am always looking for help in 'HOW TO'. I have found the British car owners to be the most helpful group of car owners when dealing with any issues that have eluded me.
Currently I am sorting out a Series 2 XKE and have been perplexed on several occasion. I hope to send a couple of 'HELP ME' post in the near future. Other LBC's in garage include SP-250, TR3, MGA, MGTD, XJS, and the Healey.
Thanks for including me in your group.


Great Pumpkin
Welcome to BCF. I started my addiction back in the 1960s, with a 1955 Jaguar Mk VII. Great car - wish I still had it.

My signature shows other cars in my life, and now I'm nursing a 1957 Morris back to life.

Post a few photos of your cars! You'll find we have XKE fans here, including the boss.

Good to have you with us.
Tom M.


Great Pumpkin
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Roanoke,VA - if you hover your mouse over my screen name,it will appear.